State of Delaware Identification Cards
T. Bush 370 days ago

A frequently listed activity found in the transition plans that we develop at Howard T. Ennis is for students to obtain an offical State of Delaware Identification card.  These cards are available at the Department of Motor Vehicles and become useful sources of identification for students.  Most of us, on a reglar basis, rely on using our state issued driver's license to prove our identity.  In fact, if we use a check to purchase an item, a credit card for the same purpose, if we are getting information at a governmental agency, picking up a package at the post office, if we are asked by the police to prove our identity we use our drivers licenses.  However, many of our students will not have the ability to operate a motor vehicle and in turn obtain a drivers license.  They require a method to officially prove their identity that is easy to produce from a wallet or purse when needed.  The offical Identification cards fulfill this purpose.


As mentioned the cards are obtained at Department of Motor Vehicles offices located in each of the three counties in Delaware.  The DMV provides a checklist that lists the documentation required to obtain the identification card (a note of interest, the docmentation requirements are the same as if the goal is to obtain a drivers license).  Identification cards can be issued at any age.  If the applicant is under age 18 a parent, legal guardian or court-appointed custodian all presenting valid identification must accompany the applicant.  The cost for an identification card is $20.00 and it is good for 4 years.  The cards are renewed in the same fashion as a drivers license.  The identification cards have the same appearance as a drivers license (same size, lamination, official seals etc.) but they are oriented differently (drivers licenses are oriented in landscape view - like a credit card, but identification cards are turned 90 degrees and are presented in portrait view).  The identification card has the individual's photograph on it and also other identifying information (date of birth, address etc.).


Appointments for obtaining identification cards are not needed.  Applicants show up at the DMV offices during business hours and are assisted in turn just as all other business is completed at the DMV.


Additional information concerning identification cards can be found at the DMV website using the following address:, or by making a toll free telephone call by dialing (877) 477-7117


If you click on the following link you can view the DMV's Identification Card Checklist.