Registering for DDDS
T. Bush 490 days ago

What is DDDS and Why is it Important to Register?


The Delaware Department of Health and Social Services provides support and assistance to the citizens of the state in various ways.  There are divisions of the department that address the needs of specific groups of people.  The division that we deal with most at the Howard T. Ennis School is DDDS.


DDDS provides life-long support and services for registered, eligible clients who have developmental or intellectual disabilities.  The agency provides employment services, family support services, day habilitation and transition services, residential services, and respite services.


The "life-long" aspect is important to emphasize.  Parents and Guardians generally have every good intention to take care of, and plan for the future of their disabled children, but every contingency cannot be anticipated or planned for.  Life is unpredictable and in spite of careful planning and preparation things occur that impact and change what we desire and hope for.  It is also true that, in the normal progression of life, parents and guardians generally do not out-live their disabled children.  DDDS will provide support and services to clients for their entire lives.


Some parents/guardians may view that involvement of DDDS in their lives and in the lives of their disabled children as intrusive or with suspicion.  Parents/guardians may also take offense when the subject of DDDS is broached.  They may feel that the suggestion that they may need help in the future is insulting and questioning their sense of responsibility.


We try to explain that their extent and involvement with DDDS is flexible. The agency can take a completely consultative role and provide minimal or even no services, or they can be more active and take a direct role in support and services.  The important thing is that they will be there and will assist and support clients as their needs dictate.


Nothing can happen until an application is completed and submitted.  Generally, we provide parents with DDDS applications when transition planning begins when students turn 14 years of age.  The application is rather lengthly and we help parents/guardians in the completion and submission of these applications.  The application is reviewed and eligibility is determined.  When a student/client is approved a DDDS caseworker is assigned.  During a student's school years DDDS's involvement is limited, but they are available and able to assist when called upon.  As a student moves closer to graduation the involvement of DDDS increases.


In the "Contents Menu" under the "Forms and Applications" tab you will find a PDF of the DDDS application.  This application can be printed, filled in and submitted for services.  There is also a link to DDDS provided under the "Governmental Agencies, Advocacy Groups and Adult Service Providers" tab.


If you have any questions about DDDS post your question on this blog or contact the school.  We will be very happy to assist you.